great weather for MEDIA Pushcart Prize 2017 Nominations

by Jane on November 17, 2015

great weather for MEDIA is delighted to announce our nominations for the 2017 Pushcart Prize – Best of the Small Presses Series.

These nominations are for work published in 2015 and were chosen from our anthology Before Passing, and the collections Debridement by Corrina Bain and Harvest the Dirt by Wil Gibson.


Corrina Bain - Quotes from the Deadgirl Reality Show Pilot  debridement  front cover

Meagan Brothers – All Your Trips to Saturn Have Been Tainted by Your Naïveté and Bad Luck

Steve DalachinskyParticle Fever

Wil Gibson – Beautiful Beast

Bob Hart – Make Such Pretty

Nkosi NkululekoThat Time of the Year


Want a taster? Here are the first few lines…

The nice thing about the genre is that
it is less stylized.
Achievable. Here isBefore Passing Front Cover
our vision:     Dignity.
Knowledge that they
are just like us.
It’s entertainment.
The fountain in the front room
like a dream of breath.
- Corrina Bain 


you would like for a girl who
looks like winter
to kiss you in public,
outside the expensive hotel.
– Meagan BrothersHarvest the Dirt, Wil Gibson, front cover border grey


we rely too much on the luck of others:
he talks to himself – a dry-brained mouthy word machine
rubs the silver residue from the numbers to see if he has won
$50 that’s not even enough for a happy birthday
- Steve Dalachinsky


She called him a “beautiful beast”
and a broken dinosaur bone fell from the sky.
Sometimes signs from God are clear
like lakes of reason and blasphemy.
- Wil Gibson


Who knows how many worlds
have been ground into detritus
but they make such pretty stones.

- Bob Hart


      It was that time of the year, again.
The leaves bronzed,
became copper fields hitched to webs of branches.
Wind whistled through the blades of grass,
made their seasonal withering…tolerable in its company.

- Nkosi Nkululeko


Congratulations to all our nominees and good luck!

Remember we are currently accepting submissions for our next collection, so send us your fearless best. Deadline January 15 2016. Be sure to check out all our books. We look forward to reading your work.

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