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What a review for our first single-poet collection, Retrograde by Puma Perl!

“For Retrograde you’ll need your seats in the upright position and you’ll certainly need your seat-belt. Some of you will need helmets. I haven’t felt this way about a book of poems or a poet since the first time I read Charles Bukowski back in the 70’s…This is one of the strongest, most surprising, and sublimely splendid collections of poetry I have ever read. It comes on like a sledgehammer breaking down your front door.  Sublime yes but this is never subtle, Perl grabs the reader by the collar or the hair, whatever she gets a hand on, and pulls you into her world. And there is no boundary she won’t happily piss on just to see the splash.”—Michael Dennis, Today’s Book of Poetry Full Review


debridement  front cover

 “These annual anthologies and other work by great weather for MEDIA are an admirable contribution to arts and culture.”
- Ruth Latta, The Compulsive Reader


Following wonderful poetry collections by Puma Perl and Aimee Herman, we are thrilled to announce the May 1st 2015 publication of Debridement by Corrina Bain.

“Corrina Bain’s long-anticipated first collection, Debridement, shows what’s possible in poetry when you pour enough blood into the page and craft what rises to the surface. With a formal inventiveness that serves the brute bravery of this work, these poems have no qualm reaching down your throat and pulling out your living heart just to say look at it, look. Look.” —Sam Sax, NEA Fellow, author of sad boy / detective  and A Guide to Undressing Your Monsters


I Let Go front cover (border 3)

Looking ahead to August, our next anthology, Before Passing, features stunning poetry and short fiction by national and international writers from across the United States and beyond. It will also feature an interview with Anne Waldman. Submissions for our 2016 collection will reopen October 15 2015. Check out all our anthologies including I Let Go of the Stars in My Hand.

And speaking of Anne Waldman, this what she said about Aimee Herman’s meant to wake up feeling:  “Visceral, insistent, beymeant-to-wake-up-feeling-front-cover-webond transgressive, meant to wake up feeling does just that. Gratitude to Aimee Herman for getting under our skin, and moving poetry-in-discourse into the feminist present and future where we study and yearn for the salvation of humanity.” Wow! 

New York City poetry open mic

Do you know about our Spoken Words Sundays reading series? We are at the historic Parkside Lounge (back room), 317 E Houston St (at Attorney St), New York City, every Sunday 4-6 pm. See our calendar for details. It’s got a great stage and a terrific vibe—so come and join up for our weekly features and poetry open mic. We look forward to seeing you.

“The Parkside Lounge on East Houston is the coolest new venue in town for poetry readings. Sundays at 4pm” – Live Mag!

“The atmosphere is totally mesmerizing. Extremely talented poets! Courteous waitress, pool table, shuffleboard. Easy parking on Sundays. Affordable alcoholic beverages. I truly look forward to be there again.” – Kenneth Yocus, writer

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