The Other Side of VioletThe Other Side of Violet front cover

The Other Side of Violet is an exhilarating collection of contemporary poetry and short fiction by established and emerging writers from across the United States and beyond. Contributors include Hala Alyan, Raena Shirali, C. Bain, Rosie Garland, Cynthia Manick, Billy Cancel, Müesser Yeniay, Nkosi Nkululeko, and Yuko Otomo. The anthology also contains interviews with Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Paul Harding and award-winning poet and novelist Tim Z. Hernandez.



Surge – Michelle Whittaker Michelle Whittaker, Surge, front cover

Michelle Whittaker’s Surge is a rumination on home, body, memory, wind, what it is to be hunted and haunted. In  “A Partial Cento of Visual Light,” Whittaker writes, I could have done a Joan of Arc/as the last breath lodged in a man’s throat. This may be the moment you start gasping. Begin storing up your oxygen; Whittaker’s poems will leave you breathless.


Crown Prince of Rabbits – John Paul Davis     Crown Prince of Rabbits

In Crown Prince of Rabbits, John Paul Davis unravels poetic self-portraits, breaking the spine of love and the language of serrated relationships. He shines the moon in his face to capture every angle, which not always flatters, but digs at the roots and rot of endings. This is a book that will feel like a novel, with upheavals and road trips (with music). His exit signs ask questions that even the reader can/should ponder. This is a book to drink with whiskey or strong coffee. This is a book that will leave you meditating on why it is we give our feelings away.


The Careless Embrace of the Boneshaker The Careless Embrace of the Boneshaker front cover small

Our latest fearless and dynamic collection of contemporary poetry and short fiction by established and emerging writers. The anthology also contains an interview with musician Thurston Moore. These writers are the boneshakers. Let their impact rattle, rise, and wrap itself around you.


Exercises in High Treason – John J. TrauseJohn J Trause front cover

Since time immemorial, sacred texts have been approached with reverence. Whether it be the Dead Sea Scrolls, Shakespeare’s sonnets or the Gettysburg Address, all have been analyzed with high-mindedness and a tight ass. John J. Trause’s Exercises in High Treason has arrived to blow the hot air away with a fresh blast of inventiveness. Playfully reinterpreting and subverting the words of the mighty or even the most banal advertising copy, he has created poetry that is a brain teaser. A rib tickler. Like Gertrude Stein, James Joyce, and Guillaume Apollinaire, Trause adores rewiring the absurd and the lyrical. Are you ready to receive the translation?


Harvest the Dirt – Wil Gibson Wil Gibson, Harvest the Dirt  front cover

Gritty, vivid, at times harsh, Wil Gibson’s latest poetry collection, Harvest the Dirt, is a tour-de-force of the American dream-nightmare. Traveling the back roads of double-wide trailers and mobile meth labs, Gibson arrives at a new truth and realism, a pride in the dirt from which you come.


Before Passing

Before Passing Front CoverAn exhilarating collection of poetry and short fiction that also includes an in-depth interview with Anne Waldman.



Debridement – Corrina Bain  debridement  front cover

Finalist for The Publishing Triangle Award for Trans and Gender-Variant Literature

Corrina Bain writes poems as mean as the headlines, as true as a scalpel. To debride is to tear away the rotted, so everything can heal. Corrina Bain knows that what looks like savagery can be salvation, and has written us love poems from the church of the wound. —Daphne Gottlieb, author of 15 Ways To Stay Alive


meant to wake up feeling – Aimee Hermanmeant-to-wake-up-feeling-front-cover-web

Visceral, insistent, beyond transgressive, meant to wake up feeling does just that. Anne Waldman, author of “Gossamurmur” and “The Iovis Trilogy”



I Let Go of the Stars in My Hand 

This stunning anthology includes sixty-two national and international poets and writers, plus an interview with the legendary blues/jazz poet and activist, John Sinclair.


Retrograde – Puma Perl Retrograde front cover border

Puma Perl is a remarkable poet and an exciting performer. Retrograde is a true contemporary masterpiece—John Sinclair, poet, former manager of the MC5, radio host, political activist



The Understanding between Foxes and LightThe Understanding between Foxes and Light

This exhilarating and diverse collection contains poetry and short fiction from established and emerging writers from across the United States and beyond, plus an interview with Pushcart and Robert L. Fish Memorial award winner Patricia Smith.


It’s Animal but Merciful It's Animal but Merciful front cover

Praise for our first anthology, It’s Animal but Merciful: Read this book. Stick with it to the end. You will not be disappointed. You will be dazzled. -Emilia Fuentes Grant, The Pedestal Magazine.


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